From magnolia paint, to kicking the bucket… what we recycle actually makes a massive difference.

Check out 5 things that can be made from recycling plastic. If glass is more your thing, have a butchers at the rather tasty magic trick below…

For more information on recycling visit the awesome Recycle Now website which is packed with facts, figures and ideas to get your head around. Recycle Now forms part of WRAP, the evidence-based voice of waste management in the UK.

5 things you didn’t know plastics could be turned into.

  1. Only a bleating fleece

Who’d have thought that your fizzy drinks bottle could keep you warm in the chilly winter months? Yes you heard us right – 25 recycled plastic drinks bottles make 1 fleece top!


  1. I can’t believe it’s not…

Recycled materials from plastics like margarine tubs can be used to make plastic paint pots. You can thank your toast for the lovely magnolia colour in your lounge.


  1. Today’s the day the teddy bears have…

Olives, coleslaw & pasta salad make great additions to picnics. So do the clear tubs they come in, simply rinse and recycle them afterwards & you could be parking your bum on a picnic bench made from these!


  1. Three lions on a shirt

Amazingly football shirts can be made from recycled plastic (now all we need is to recycle that 1966 winning spirit!)


  1. Not quite kicking the bucket

When you recycle your empty shampoo and shower gel bottles you’re giving them the chance to live again…and again. Perhaps as more plastic bottles, or even as a bucket!