It was going to happen at some point. Pokémon are everywhere. They are in our toilet bowls, in our offices and now apparently in Area 51. And why not? There has already been speculation that Pokémon Go is some kind of crazy Alien/government mind control device, and the motives shall be horrific.  The alien origin theory springs from an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, “The Game” where Riker brings a virtual reality game onto the Enterprise which turns the crew into slushy minded slaves of the Ktarians.


Claiming that a super duper rare Mewtwo could be caught behind the gates of Area 51, Steve Whittaker told the world that he was arrested for jumping the fence to the high security alien pad after having a few too many cans of ‘merican beer. The greedy police who arrested him didn’t let him catch the Pokémon and he left empty handed. At least he wasn’t probed like the Areas previous visitors. Then to rub salt into poor Steves wounds, President Obama took to the podium to deny the existence of Area 51, aliens and Mewtwo. Ouch. The story that Steve Whittaker told was proved a fake. But are there really Pokémon hiding in the confines of this bizarre air field?


Gaming website FragHero sent a couple of old kids to try and see for themselves if those cops were hiding anything behind those metal gates. The lads did manage to find a few Pokestops, gyms and hunting grounds, and quite a few rare Pokémon were lingering around the boundary gates. BUT to their shock and surprise the gyms were empty.