Don’t like snakes? I’d just click that little x in the corner now if I were you. Love them or hate them, there is no denying how fascinating these creatures are. Slithering across the planet for millions of years and found all over the world (except for antartica) wherever you are reading this, the chances are there is probably one of the 3,400 species of snakes quite close to you right now. Feel uncomfortable yet?

Dam workers in Peru filmed this astonishing footage of what people are now calling the ‘biggest anaconda in the world’. The Giant Anaconda (Eunectes Murinus) in the video is supposedly 33ft long. Fuck.that.  The footage shows the limbless reptile chained to a truck and is according to witnesses 3ft wide and weighs over 400kg. The snake was discovered after an explosion on site, but no one can confirm how the creature died.

It’s pretty safe to say, its massive. Look at the size of it’s head! There isn’t much information floating around yet about the snake in the video, but having watched it a few times I feel confident enough to say that the video isn’t a fake.