Toys. Some are fun and some are just creepy. I’m confident that every nan in the country has one of those porcelain dolls dressed in Edwardian clothing propped up on top of a wardrobe. Staring down at us. Watching us sleep. Blinking when we are not looking. Sinister if you ask me. But what strange toys out there have made the headlines for inducing a good knee-tremble? Other than Woody and Buzz…


Peggy and YOUR chest pain.

There is a doll which has apparently caused migraines and chest pain in over 80 people who have watched a video of her.  One lady who watched the video claimed to have had a heart attack after watching a video of Peggy and her current owner minder, Mrs Jayne Harris. Paranormal investigator Jayne,  acquired Peggy when she was asked to investigate the ghostly going-ons surrounding the doll. The doll’s previous owner had become quite sick because of the doll, suffering from nightmares and hallucinations. People who look at Peggy and photos of her are often over-come with strong feelings of nausea, dread, chest pain and feeling drained. The video, originally shared by the Daily Mail shows Jayne Harris interviewing Peggy, and then the doll suddenly takes a tumble to the floor.

One lady who was viewing photos of Peggy online claimed that her laptop froze over the image of Peggy, her room went cold and an awful sensation overcame her. She claims that she no longer felt alone in the room and could even hear someone moving around. The lady had to message Jayne for help. Jayne Harris had to then ask Peggy to leave people alone, as it wasn’t fair. Peggy once predicted the death of a lady’s cat, after visiting her in her dreams. Low and behold, the owner of the cat woke up to find her pussy very sick, and it died later that day.

Want to watch a video of Peggy? Of course you do! This video is from the Daily Mail when they covered the story of Peggy. After watching the video let me know how you felt in the comments section.

In all honesty, this dolls freaks me out. Which is why I posted it first. After doing my research on Peggy’s story yesterday I had to reboot my laptop after it froze. Today I tried to save 2 images of Peggy with no luck- just nowhere to be found on my system and I now have a low-humming headache rising.  The whole time I typed the rest of this post, I could hear knocks  coming from inside of my living room walls. I’m now frantically messaging my husband, who heard it all last night at 4am.  Fuuuck. Psychosomatic? Who knows.


Annabelle, the haunted Raggedy Ann doll.

Lorraine Warren with Annabelle. Image courtesy of The Warren’s Occult Museum

In 1970 a lady spotted a fun and cuddly Raggedy Ann doll in a thrift store. She figured it would make a lovely gift for her daughter Donna who was living away at college as a nursing student. The doll didn’t seem anything special to Donna and her room mate Angie, also a student nurse, but soon after Annabelle’s arrival the girls started noticing some strange traits about the doll. Annabelle was moving by herself changing positions. Sometimes little subtle changes, and sometime she would just turn up in a completely different room of the apartment.

The girls had a friend called Lou who hated the doll. He said it was dark, freaky and no good. He started having strange dreams about Annabelle where he claims to be strangled by her in his slumber. One day, Donna came home to find Annabelle on her bed covered in blood. The blood seemed to be coming from inside of the doll. This seemed to be the nail in the coffin, and Donna decided she needed help from a medium. The medium agreed that the doll was a little freaky and announced that the doll was possessed by the spirit of a girl who’s dead body had been found in the fields where their apartment had since been built upon. The dead girl liked the alive girls and felt comforted by them (but why the blood tho’?). Donna felt sorry for the ghostly doll and decided it could stay a little longer.

Now if this was me, that doll would have been back on the shelf of the RSPCA charity shop within minutes.

One evening Lou, Donna and Angie heard noises coming from the bedroom of one of the girl’s. Fearing a burglary Lou pounded into the room to find no one there. Other than Annabelle. Within seconds of spotting her, he claims to have been attacked by the doll who left him with deep scratch marks across his chest. He didn’t see the doll move but he felt her vicious attack. The wounds healed super fast and were gone within a matter of days. 

More experts were called in- Ed and Lorraine Warren, who collectively decided that it wasn’t the ghost of a cute little girl residing inside of Raggedy Ann’s stuffing, inside it was an inhuman demon. Oh fuck.

The Warrens took the doll (wrapped up in a carrier bag for safety) and took it back to their museum of The Occult in a glass box saying ‘WARNING: Positively do not open!”.

Oh and on Annabelle’s journey to her new home behind glass? She cut off the engine to the car, fucked around with its brakes and then crashed the car. She also did some levitating.  Possibly one of the most well know creepy toy in history.



Mandy- The porcelain doll

Mandy had a little lamb.

A rather pretty doll which lives in Canada’s Quesnel Museum may look beautiful, but she has a rather cheeky history. The doll which is just shy of 100 years old, ended up in the museum because her own got a little fed up of her crying.

The origins of Mary are sketchy, but it seems that the doll was found in a  household basement when the body of a small girl was uncovered. The doll belonged to the deceased girl and remained in the basement until new owners moved in. Yup, the doll then sent her new owner searching for a crying baby on several occasions down in the basement. No alive and crying baby would be found, just Mandy. In 1991 Mandy was donated to the Canadian museum, where she has lived ever since.

Since living in the museum she has continued her cheeky ways. Mandy seems to get upset when she has been ignored for periods at a time and reacts by throwing paperwork around, hiding staff lunches and chucking her toy lamb on the floor. The cries can still be heard, as can tapping on her glass case. Staff at the museum quite calmly say that she’s just a little girl who needs attention and must get her out of her case and carry her around the museum to calm her down. Staff sit with her in the office bouncing her on their knees but if she is placed with other dolls, she will harm them.

Sounds like one of my needy kids.


Kill James Elmo

Mellisa Bowman, James’ mum with the Evil Elmo. Image source:

In 2008 a 2 year old boy called James lived in Florida. He mum got him one of those adorable Elmo toys. I love everything about Elmo. He’s sweet voice, little fluffy but and his brutal honesty. But this Elmo is a sinister little shit. The Elmo Knows Your Name toy learnt to say little James name. Then his batteries ran out. Once replaced, he started to not only say ‘James’ but started reciting ‘Kill James’ over and over again.

I’m not overly convinced with this story. The mother hasn’t reprogrammed the toy (which is a simple set up via a computer) nor does she seem to fussed about her son playing with it. *scratches head*. In other Elmo news… Big Bird says that the fun little red cutie tried to clip his wings on a booze fuelled session.


Do you have a haunted toy? Post it to me!