Missing 411 seeks the answers to the thousands of people reported missing in America’s National Parks and Forests all under similar circumstances.

Based on the book series of the same title written by David Paulides, Missing 411 tells stories of 5 children who have mysteriously vanished right in front of the eyes of their loved ones. Some are never found, some are found dead years later- right on an open path where people have walked time and time again since the person went missing. Every case is as interesting, mysterious and as horrifying as the next.

As the 411 cases are so obscure, there is wonder if it is unworldly forces behind the disappearance of these children and adults. Something not from this world could be the reason these people disappear within seconds, without a trace and quite often turn up (some dead, some alive) in unexplainable places or situations. The 5 stories covered in Missing 411 really is just the tip of a very large iceberg of unexplained missing people cases. Thousands of people have gone missing, seemingly without a trace.

This film is a very sad film. It is very hard to watch at times. Real footage and interviews with the people involved makes some incredible raw and upsetting viewing. The parents, police and rescue teams all share their experiences of the Missing 411 cases that they have personally experienced. As a viewer sitting at home in comfort, it really is an eye opening film, with no happy ending.

One section of the film is dedicated to an interview with a 65 year old man who went missing on his family ranch when he was  just 2 years old back in 1952. He was gone for 24 hours during a harsh winter and vanished right before the eyes of his brothers who he was playing with on his ranch.  It’s incredible that he survived and it’s reassuring that not all 411 victims die, but he has absolutely no recollection of what happened to him during those 24 hours. He was found several miles from the home, with some footprints being spotted in the heavy snow. The strangest thing is that no way could a 2 year old boy travel such distance within 24 hours, and that is before weather factors are taken into consideration.

A very interesting film to watch for those who have little to zero knowledge on 411 cases, but for those who are well aware of the typical scenarios surrounding 411 cases and for those who have read the Missing 411 books, I think we would liked to have seen more. But, I suppose there would need to be another movie (or 10!) to cover all of the odd scenarios and coincidences that surround each case!

If you are an Amazon Prime member, I would certainly recommend giving this movie a go. It will certainly get your brain itching… and possibly put you off of ever visiting a National Park or Forest ever again!

Author David Paulides is a cryptozoologist is a write and movie maker, best known for his studies on the Missing 411 and proving the existence of Big Foot. You can find his books here.