2 weeks ago American Horror Story premiered season 6, My Roanke Nightmare, and with season 6 now 2 episodes in deep, we really are now all very excited to see what shockers they have in store for us this year.  Show creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck are no strangers to creating a bit of fuss and have been at the receiving end of some pretty nasty complaints over the years for their passion for sex and violence, both going hand in hand throughout all of the previous 5 seasons of the show.

If you have never seen the show before, check it out on Netflix. An addictive, fast paced and honestly terrifying show that guarantees to have you on the edge of your seat, whispering “wtf” to yourself throughout. For a handy lowdown on all of the show so far visit Flavormag, Dissecting the Horror for all the info you need.

My Voucher Codes have created a pretty awesome infographic giving us a nice clear dissection of all 5 seasons so far and unravels the awesome web of events spun by creator Ryan Murphy.

History of American Horror Story

Keep scrolling down to find out what I considered to be the 5 most ‘WTF” moments so far. Sex, violence and gore all welcomed here at The Curios, thank you!




Drill Bit Dildo

Season 5, Hotel kicked off in classic AHS fashion. Pain and sex intertwined to introduce the Addiction Demon who rapes visitors of the hotel with what can only be described as a strap on dildo shaped like a drill.

Dr Thredson Breastfeeding

Being very Pro-BF’ing here at The Curios HQ there is nothing wrong with feeding your baby exactly what is best. But when AHS showed psycho Dr Oliver Thredson nursing from the breasts of his victims and paying prostitutes for the stuff straight from that tap, that is where we start having issues. Very uncomfortable issues. Mummy issues to be exact.


Cordelia’s Eye

Season 3, Coven follows a school of troubled witches. When Cordelia Foxx discovers that she can see the truth of a person when she is blind, she decides to take her own eye sight to gain this power.  Apparently, according to the writers, the only way to do this is to  stab ones eyeballs with a small Stanley blade. Nope. Just nope.

cordelia foxx eyes

Violet Finding Her Own Dead Body

Murder House is the setting for season 1. Tate and Violet have the most painful yet desiring love affair. It makes me want to be a teenager again… falling in love with a dead psychopath. As you do. When Violet realises that the last few weeks of her life has all been a big lie, Tate leads his girlfriend to the cellar so she can witness her own decaying corpse rotting underneath the house her family share. It was all done in the name of love, we swear!

Credit: http://www.tvguide.com/news/american-horror-story-season-6-theories/

Credit: http://www.tvguide.com/news/american-horror-story-season-6-theories/


Majorie The Puppet

When Chester Creb wanders into the Freak Show in season 4 with his ventriloquist puppet Marjorie in his arms, things get really awkward. Chester suffers PTSD from the war, kills his girlfriend and her female lover because the puppet told him to do so, and can never leave his side. The puppet is seen through his eyes as a real lady, and holds murderous and guilt ridden conversations with him. Oh and she likes to watch him have a sex.  But she never joins in… because that would be taking it too far, right?



Incest Between Kyle and His Mom

Coven was relatively mild when it came to WTF moments, it was quite a tame season (sort of). After Kyle Spencer was killed in a bus crash then bought back to life mirroring a Dr Frankenstein style revival (the sewing of dead bodies back together rather than the electrocution)Kyle is dropped back off at his moms house and starts getting jacked off by his mom. Apparently this was a regular thing for the single mom and son. His mom is a mess and there is obviously some nasty issues going on in their life, which makes you genuinely feel pain and upset for him. A horrible mess of sexual abuse, and love.


Tate’s School Shooting

American high school shootings is always horrible topic to cover, and Tate from season 1 murdering his school peers was one of the first hard hitting story lines covered. Painted as a skull, Tate sets his step father on fire before walking into his school before opening fire on the students. Horrible scenes of kids urinating themselves from fear, teachers being shot, and Tate being killed by police will always go down as one of the most horrific plots aired on American TV.


Elsa’s Snuff Movie

Elsa Mars runs the Freak show which season 4 is set. She seems perfect, unlike her freaks. But the dark truth is revealed that in her younger days as a struggling actress and model. She is taken and used to feature in a horrific snuff movie, where she is drugged,  tied down and her legs sawn off with a chainsaw.


Mutant Shelley

Asylum’s other nasty resident Doc, is Dr Arden. An escaped Nazi scientist who only loves innocent women. He feeds mystery creatures in the woods and is never able to prove where his patients corpses vanish to. He decides to punish nymphomaniac Shelley (who he dubs a ‘Whore’) by giving her a disease that transforms her into a horrific mutant.


Rubber Man

When Vivian and Dr Ben Harmon move into Murder House in season 1, they discover a kinky latex suit in the attic. Vivian then has sex with a man in the outfit, named Rubber Man, and falls pregnant with him. She assumes it was Ben in the outfit, but it turns out she was wrong. Rubber man not only rapes and impregnates Viv, but also commits a few murders along the way. But who was in the suit?


Mr March Having Sex With A Corpse

Yes, correct. Season 5, Hotel got so much darker. Mr March, the Hotel Cortez owner is a horrendously murderous man. He kills for fun, bricks ladies in behind walls and disposes of bodies in acid. And if acid doesn’t take his fancy, he pushes their bodies down chutes hidden throughout the hotel. One scene takes an especially dark turn when March can be seen having sex with a lady’s corpse, and with every thrust he is mutilating her at the same time. Insane and very difficult viewing.