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900 Year Old Mummy Discovered In The Arctic

.., and her eyelashes are incredible!

After 900 years of preservation inside of a cocoon made from copper and fur, this Polar Princess has remained in tact since the 12th century. It takes a lot to look this good after 900 years.


Scientists think that she died around 35 years of age and is the only female found amongst a group of males buried on the Zeleny Yar burial site, near Salekhard, Arctic Circle. The necropolis features around 3 dozen other males. The group were a medieval hunting civilisation, which explains the amount of males but why her? She could have been a person of importance to the tribe, but her body holds no fancy jewellery.

Here eyelashes, teeth and a full head of hair have been perfectly preserved… but, there’s only her head to marvel at. Sadly her body wasn’t well preserved, but could still be observed. She measured around 5ft 1in tall.  There is also an odd green tinge to her face, caused by a copper kettle buried with her as a gift of protection as she travelled to the afterlife.

More can be read on the SiberianTimes website.




The birth of any baby is a magical one. Some deliveries however, are more mind blowing than others. On Saturday morning at 4.23am a baby boy arrived, via normal delivery, in the Puladinni Village in India. There was something a little different about this baby boy, being called “God’s Gift”, for he arrived with 4 legs and 2 penises. He resembles a tiny, perfect Ganesh.

The baby was transferred to Vijayanagara Institute of Medical Sciences for observations, but is said to be doing very well. The baby’s mother Lalitamma (23) and  father Chennabasava (26) have 1 child already, a perfectly healthy 3 year old boy.

Last year The Curios covered the birth news of a baby born with 2 heads in Indonesia.


Ahhh, us Brits love a good craze. Pogs, finger skateboards, murderous clowns.

Last weekend saw police all across the UK responding to dozens of phone calls regarding creepy-as-fuck looking clowns stood on grass verges scaring folk. Funny or dangerous? That’s your opinion. Some of the clowns have been reported to have been holding knives, baseball bats and … balloons.

Clown pictured in Gooding Avenue, Braunstone, Leicester. Image source:

Clown pictured Braunstone, Leicester. Image source:

The creepy clown trend started in the USA a short while ago and has travelled over the pond to the UK where spotty teenagers broken away from their Xbox  and dress up into their finest and stand on street corners for men dog walkers.

My town’s Facebook page was alive with witnesses finding clowns down our streets and outside our pubs. I had my sister over from Scotland, and she too saw on her Facebook that her town back home had some twisty visitors too. The hype was in the air, and ‘killer clowns’ (as a local scaremonger named them) were wild and free. 2 were spotted in a very close vicinity to my house. And when my fella popped out in to the garden, and I had drunkenly forgotten his whereabouts, his ugly mug was pressed up against the window. Fully masked obvs. Oooooh funny. Now he was in on it.

A clown peers through a window in Bracknell. Source: INS

A clown peers through a window in Bracknell. Source: INS

In Norwich a woman was walking alone in Eaton Park at about 20:30pm on Sunday when a man dressed as a clown leapt out at her, screamed in her face and ran after her.

A cyclist in Eastbourne, Sussex, was left feeling a tad shaken up after someone dressed as a clown jumped out from a bush brandishing what he believed was an offensive weapon. His juggling stick? IYKWIM.

Kidlington, Oxfordshire, a man dressed as a clown and carrying a baseball bat was reported to have chased a 10-year-old child through a park. Now, that’s not funny at all.

Famous clown Pennywise, from the 1990 film IT.

Famous clown Pennywise, from the 1990 film IT.

A remake of the classic Stephen King film IT is being released in cinemas next year (yup, we have ages to wait. no fair.) and so it does feel a little coincidental that the whole Clown-Craze has caught on just as the movie is hot topic in the media. New Line Cinema who are making the new IT film have denied any involvement with the craze as any kind of publicity for the new movie. Bet they wish they thought of it first though now, don’t they?

While all of this may seem like a bit of fun, remember guys it’s not that nice to go out and scare people. So do think about the effects you may have on some folk’s lives. If you’re going to dress up as Pennywise, make sure it’s just to scare the shit out of your BFF… not Margaret from number 38.  Not cool bro.


Ms. Curios personal fictional clown, Twisty From American Horror Story; Freakshow

Ms. Curios personal fictional clown, Twisty From American Horror Story; Freakshow




Don’t like snakes? I’d just click that little x in the corner now if I were you. Love them or hate them, there is no denying how fascinating these creatures are. Slithering across the planet for millions of years and found all over the world (except for antartica) wherever you are reading this, the chances are there is probably one of the 3,400 species of snakes quite close to you right now. Feel uncomfortable yet?

Dam workers in Peru filmed this astonishing footage of what people are now calling the ‘biggest anaconda in the world’. The Giant Anaconda (Eunectes Murinus) in the video is supposedly 33ft long. Fuck.that.  The footage shows the limbless reptile chained to a truck and is according to witnesses 3ft wide and weighs over 400kg. The snake was discovered after an explosion on site, but no one can confirm how the creature died.

It’s pretty safe to say, its massive. Look at the size of it’s head! There isn’t much information floating around yet about the snake in the video, but having watched it a few times I feel confident enough to say that the video isn’t a fake.




On Monday, scenes in the maternity unit at an Indonesian hospital, in the town of Gresik, turned a few heads.

A baby girl was born weighing in at 7.2 kg. But the baby was a little different to others in the hospital. Diagnosed with Parapagus, The baby girl is a rare form of twin; 2 heads on 2 necks share one body and one set of organs. So far doing well and beating all odds of survival, the baby has been diagnosed with respiratory failure within one minute of birth.



Sadly most babies with this condition are either lost during pregnancy, or die shortly after birth. The video of the baby girl shows a very healthy little lady, even if she does need lots of medical care. We wish her all the best, with lots of cuddles and congratulations to the parents!


Bette and Dot Tattler  from American Horror Story: Freakshow have to be my all time favourite 2 headed lady. But of course they are fictional characters, unlike the baby girl born in Indonesia earlier this week.

bettedott tattler





It was going to happen at some point. Pokémon are everywhere. They are in our toilet bowls, in our offices and now apparently in Area 51. And why not? There has already been speculation that Pokémon Go is some kind of crazy Alien/government mind control device, and the motives shall be horrific.  The alien origin theory springs from an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, “The Game” where Riker brings a virtual reality game onto the Enterprise which turns the crew into slushy minded slaves of the Ktarians.

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