There are many amazing legends from around the globe. Mysterious creatures who have baffled our brains and fed our imaginations. But in recent years a new legend has arisen from the cold Atlantic ocean surrounding Japan, The Japanese Ningen. Considering the fact that we have only explored 5% of the ocean, which covers 70% of the Earth, it seems pretty certain that there is still a lot of stuff down ‘there’ that we know absolutely nothing about. The dark and lonely depths of the Ocean scare the crap out of me.

Artist unknown.

What are the Ningen?

The word ‘Ningen’ translates to ‘human’. First spotted in the 1960’s (or is that 1990’s- reports vary!), The Japanese Ningen are said to be totally white in colour and completely ghost-like living in the dark, cold sea. They have been reported to measure between 20-30 meters long. So, pretty fucking massive.

These human-like creatures have been noticed to have long arms, legs and even five digits on each hand. Reports in appearance to vary from witness to witness, but the common theme is that these mysterious creatures  have limbs, big dark eyes and a slit for a mouth. A few reports have mentioned mermaid-like tails or tentacles instead of legs. Annoyingly, they are shy creatures who only come out at night and don’t ever hang around long enough for a photo. Bummer.

Most of the sightings have been made by workers about the Japanese government run whale research vessels. At first the workers thought that the sea creature was a submarine way out into the distance until they got closer and realised this was no man-made machine, but a living monster. It has also been reported that Google Earth captured a Ningen floating around. Could be a whale carcass though? Floating debris? Kate Winslet letting go of Jack?

Could these sightings be real life mermaids or giant squids? Maybe the reason that no convincing photo’s have come to the surface (geddit?) is because the government know exactly what they are and don’t want to announce it just yet. What do you think? While I remain sceptical, I am well aware of how little we know about our oceans, especially in the Antarctic region. There’s a lot of stuff out there that we honestly have no idea about.