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VINTAGE HALLOWEEN- The Stuff Of Nightmares

Cute kids are out trick or treating tonight. Slutty cat mums, Leatherface Dads and cheap Poundland Halloween decorations litter the streets. Welcome to All Hallows Eve 2016. But rewind the clock and check out these fucking terrifying costumes from days of past. It’s not going to be pretty.


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Arising in the mid 16th century Cabinets of Curiosities were once places of wonder, amazement and stuffed with eye opening encyclopaedias of travel and art. Now in the 21st century traveling freak shows and these Wunderkammer attractions are a thing of a dark and gloomy past. Today we make do with rare Curiosity shops dotted around the country, bizarre museums, and family friendly circus’s stopping by your local garden centre. The modern Cabinet of Curiosities is assumed to be a collection of macabre and often morbid trinkets and stereotypically goes hand in hand with the alternative lifestyle. The dark arts are exposed, body parts displayed and taxidermy of squirrel bollocks for all to explore.

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