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Missing 411 Movie Review

Missing 411 seeks the answers to the thousands of people reported missing in America’s National Parks and Forests all under similar circumstances.

Based on the book series of the same title written by David Paulides, Missing 411 tells stories of 5 children who have mysteriously vanished right in front of the eyes of their loved ones. Some are never found, some are found dead years later- right on an open path where people have walked time and time again since the person went missing. Every case is as interesting, mysterious and as horrifying as the next.

As the 411 cases are so obscure, there is wonder if it is unworldly forces behind the disappearance of these children and adults. Something not from this world could be the reason these people disappear within seconds, without a trace and quite often turn up (some dead, some alive) in unexplainable places or situations. The 5 stories covered in Missing 411 really is just the tip of a very large iceberg of unexplained missing people cases. Thousands of people have gone missing, seemingly without a trace.

This film is a very sad film. It is very hard to watch at times. Real footage and interviews with the people involved makes some incredible raw and upsetting viewing. The parents, police and rescue teams all share their experiences of the Missing 411 cases that they have personally experienced. As a viewer sitting at home in comfort, it really is an eye opening film, with no happy ending.

One section of the film is dedicated to an interview with a 65 year old man who went missing on his family ranch when he was  just 2 years old back in 1952. He was gone for 24 hours during a harsh winter and vanished right before the eyes of his brothers who he was playing with on his ranch.  It’s incredible that he survived and it’s reassuring that not all 411 victims die, but he has absolutely no recollection of what happened to him during those 24 hours. He was found several miles from the home, with some footprints being spotted in the heavy snow. The strangest thing is that no way could a 2 year old boy travel such distance within 24 hours, and that is before weather factors are taken into consideration.

A very interesting film to watch for those who have little to zero knowledge on 411 cases, but for those who are well aware of the typical scenarios surrounding 411 cases and for those who have read the Missing 411 books, I think we would liked to have seen more. But, I suppose there would need to be another movie (or 10!) to cover all of the odd scenarios and coincidences that surround each case!

If you are an Amazon Prime member, I would certainly recommend giving this movie a go. It will certainly get your brain itching… and possibly put you off of ever visiting a National Park or Forest ever again!

Author David Paulides is a cryptozoologist is a write and movie maker, best known for his studies on the Missing 411 and proving the existence of Big Foot. You can find his books here.

900 Year Old Mummy Discovered In The Arctic

.., and her eyelashes are incredible!

After 900 years of preservation inside of a cocoon made from copper and fur, this Polar Princess has remained in tact since the 12th century. It takes a lot to look this good after 900 years.


Scientists think that she died around 35 years of age and is the only female found amongst a group of males buried on the Zeleny Yar burial site, near Salekhard, Arctic Circle. The necropolis features around 3 dozen other males. The group were a medieval hunting civilisation, which explains the amount of males but why her? She could have been a person of importance to the tribe, but her body holds no fancy jewellery.

Here eyelashes, teeth and a full head of hair have been perfectly preserved… but, there’s only her head to marvel at. Sadly her body wasn’t well preserved, but could still be observed. She measured around 5ft 1in tall.  There is also an odd green tinge to her face, caused by a copper kettle buried with her as a gift of protection as she travelled to the afterlife.

More can be read on the SiberianTimes website.




The birth of any baby is a magical one. Some deliveries however, are more mind blowing than others. On Saturday morning at 4.23am a baby boy arrived, via normal delivery, in the Puladinni Village in India. There was something a little different about this baby boy, being called “God’s Gift”, for he arrived with 4 legs and 2 penises. He resembles a tiny, perfect Ganesh.

The baby was transferred to Vijayanagara Institute of Medical Sciences for observations, but is said to be doing very well. The baby’s mother Lalitamma (23) and  father Chennabasava (26) have 1 child already, a perfectly healthy 3 year old boy.

Last year The Curios covered the birth news of a baby born with 2 heads in Indonesia.

Dark Seas and Humanoid Monsters- The strange world of the Japanese Ningen

There are many amazing legends from around the globe. Mysterious creatures who have baffled our brains and fed our imaginations. But in recent years a new legend has arisen from the cold Atlantic ocean surrounding Japan, The Japanese Ningen. Considering the fact that we have only explored 5% of the ocean, which covers 70% of the Earth, it seems pretty certain that there is still a lot of stuff down ‘there’ that we know absolutely nothing about. The dark and lonely depths of the Ocean scare the crap out of me.

Artist unknown.

What are the Ningen?

The word ‘Ningen’ translates to ‘human’. First spotted in the 1960’s (or is that 1990’s- reports vary!), The Japanese Ningen are said to be totally white in colour and completely ghost-like living in the dark, cold sea. They have been reported to measure between 20-30 meters long. So, pretty fucking massive.

These human-like creatures have been noticed to have long arms, legs and even five digits on each hand. Reports in appearance to vary from witness to witness, but the common theme is that these mysterious creatures  have limbs, big dark eyes and a slit for a mouth. A few reports have mentioned mermaid-like tails or tentacles instead of legs. Annoyingly, they are shy creatures who only come out at night and don’t ever hang around long enough for a photo. Bummer.

Most of the sightings have been made by workers about the Japanese government run whale research vessels. At first the workers thought that the sea creature was a submarine way out into the distance until they got closer and realised this was no man-made machine, but a living monster. It has also been reported that Google Earth captured a Ningen floating around. Could be a whale carcass though? Floating debris? Kate Winslet letting go of Jack?

Could these sightings be real life mermaids or giant squids? Maybe the reason that no convincing photo’s have come to the surface (geddit?) is because the government know exactly what they are and don’t want to announce it just yet. What do you think? While I remain sceptical, I am well aware of how little we know about our oceans, especially in the Antarctic region. There’s a lot of stuff out there that we honestly have no idea about.




Toys. Some are fun and some are just creepy. I’m confident that every nan in the country has one of those porcelain dolls dressed in Edwardian clothing propped up on top of a wardrobe. Staring down at us. Watching us sleep. Blinking when we are not looking. Sinister if you ask me. But what strange toys out there have made the headlines for inducing a good knee-tremble? Other than Woody and Buzz…


Peggy and YOUR chest pain.

There is a doll which has apparently caused migraines and chest pain in over 80 people who have watched a video of her.  One lady who watched the video claimed to have had a heart attack after watching a video of Peggy and her current owner minder, Mrs Jayne Harris. Paranormal investigator Jayne,  acquired Peggy when she was asked to investigate the ghostly going-ons surrounding the doll. The doll’s previous owner had become quite sick because of the doll, suffering from nightmares and hallucinations. People who look at Peggy and photos of her are often over-come with strong feelings of nausea, dread, chest pain and feeling drained. The video, originally shared by the Daily Mail shows Jayne Harris interviewing Peggy, and then the doll suddenly takes a tumble to the floor.

One lady who was viewing photos of Peggy online claimed that her laptop froze over the image of Peggy, her room went cold and an awful sensation overcame her. She claims that she no longer felt alone in the room and could even hear someone moving around. The lady had to message Jayne for help. Jayne Harris had to then ask Peggy to leave people alone, as it wasn’t fair. Peggy once predicted the death of a lady’s cat, after visiting her in her dreams. Low and behold, the owner of the cat woke up to find her pussy very sick, and it died later that day.

Want to watch a video of Peggy? Of course you do! This video is from the Daily Mail when they covered the story of Peggy. After watching the video let me know how you felt in the comments section.

In all honesty, this dolls freaks me out. Which is why I posted it first. After doing my research on Peggy’s story yesterday I had to reboot my laptop after it froze. Today I tried to save 2 images of Peggy with no luck- just nowhere to be found on my system and I now have a low-humming headache rising.  The whole time I typed the rest of this post, I could hear knocks  coming from inside of my living room walls. I’m now frantically messaging my husband, who heard it all last night at 4am.  Fuuuck. Psychosomatic? Who knows.


Annabelle, the haunted Raggedy Ann doll.

Lorraine Warren with Annabelle. Image courtesy of The Warren’s Occult Museum

In 1970 a lady spotted a fun and cuddly Raggedy Ann doll in a thrift store. She figured it would make a lovely gift for her daughter Donna who was living away at college as a nursing student. The doll didn’t seem anything special to Donna and her room mate Angie, also a student nurse, but soon after Annabelle’s arrival the girls started noticing some strange traits about the doll. Annabelle was moving by herself changing positions. Sometimes little subtle changes, and sometime she would just turn up in a completely different room of the apartment.

The girls had a friend called Lou who hated the doll. He said it was dark, freaky and no good. He started having strange dreams about Annabelle where he claims to be strangled by her in his slumber. One day, Donna came home to find Annabelle on her bed covered in blood. The blood seemed to be coming from inside of the doll. This seemed to be the nail in the coffin, and Donna decided she needed help from a medium. The medium agreed that the doll was a little freaky and announced that the doll was possessed by the spirit of a girl who’s dead body had been found in the fields where their apartment had since been built upon. The dead girl liked the alive girls and felt comforted by them (but why the blood tho’?). Donna felt sorry for the ghostly doll and decided it could stay a little longer.

Now if this was me, that doll would have been back on the shelf of the RSPCA charity shop within minutes.

One evening Lou, Donna and Angie heard noises coming from the bedroom of one of the girl’s. Fearing a burglary Lou pounded into the room to find no one there. Other than Annabelle. Within seconds of spotting her, he claims to have been attacked by the doll who left him with deep scratch marks across his chest. He didn’t see the doll move but he felt her vicious attack. The wounds healed super fast and were gone within a matter of days. 

More experts were called in- Ed and Lorraine Warren, who collectively decided that it wasn’t the ghost of a cute little girl residing inside of Raggedy Ann’s stuffing, inside it was an inhuman demon. Oh fuck.

The Warrens took the doll (wrapped up in a carrier bag for safety) and took it back to their museum of The Occult in a glass box saying ‘WARNING: Positively do not open!”.

Oh and on Annabelle’s journey to her new home behind glass? She cut off the engine to the car, fucked around with its brakes and then crashed the car. She also did some levitating.  Possibly one of the most well know creepy toy in history.



Mandy- The porcelain doll

Mandy had a little lamb.

A rather pretty doll which lives in Canada’s Quesnel Museum may look beautiful, but she has a rather cheeky history. The doll which is just shy of 100 years old, ended up in the museum because her own got a little fed up of her crying.

The origins of Mary are sketchy, but it seems that the doll was found in a  household basement when the body of a small girl was uncovered. The doll belonged to the deceased girl and remained in the basement until new owners moved in. Yup, the doll then sent her new owner searching for a crying baby on several occasions down in the basement. No alive and crying baby would be found, just Mandy. In 1991 Mandy was donated to the Canadian museum, where she has lived ever since.

Since living in the museum she has continued her cheeky ways. Mandy seems to get upset when she has been ignored for periods at a time and reacts by throwing paperwork around, hiding staff lunches and chucking her toy lamb on the floor. The cries can still be heard, as can tapping on her glass case. Staff at the museum quite calmly say that she’s just a little girl who needs attention and must get her out of her case and carry her around the museum to calm her down. Staff sit with her in the office bouncing her on their knees but if she is placed with other dolls, she will harm them.

Sounds like one of my needy kids.


Kill James Elmo

Mellisa Bowman, James’ mum with the Evil Elmo. Image source:

In 2008 a 2 year old boy called James lived in Florida. He mum got him one of those adorable Elmo toys. I love everything about Elmo. He’s sweet voice, little fluffy but and his brutal honesty. But this Elmo is a sinister little shit. The Elmo Knows Your Name toy learnt to say little James name. Then his batteries ran out. Once replaced, he started to not only say ‘James’ but started reciting ‘Kill James’ over and over again.

I’m not overly convinced with this story. The mother hasn’t reprogrammed the toy (which is a simple set up via a computer) nor does she seem to fussed about her son playing with it. *scratches head*. In other Elmo news… Big Bird says that the fun little red cutie tried to clip his wings on a booze fuelled session.


Do you have a haunted toy? Post it to me!



From magnolia paint, to kicking the bucket… what we recycle actually makes a massive difference.

Check out 5 things that can be made from recycling plastic. If glass is more your thing, have a butchers at the rather tasty magic trick below…

For more information on recycling visit the awesome Recycle Now website which is packed with facts, figures and ideas to get your head around. Recycle Now forms part of WRAP, the evidence-based voice of waste management in the UK.

5 things you didn’t know plastics could be turned into.

  1. Only a bleating fleece

Who’d have thought that your fizzy drinks bottle could keep you warm in the chilly winter months? Yes you heard us right – 25 recycled plastic drinks bottles make 1 fleece top!


  1. I can’t believe it’s not…

Recycled materials from plastics like margarine tubs can be used to make plastic paint pots. You can thank your toast for the lovely magnolia colour in your lounge.


  1. Today’s the day the teddy bears have…

Olives, coleslaw & pasta salad make great additions to picnics. So do the clear tubs they come in, simply rinse and recycle them afterwards & you could be parking your bum on a picnic bench made from these!


  1. Three lions on a shirt

Amazingly football shirts can be made from recycled plastic (now all we need is to recycle that 1966 winning spirit!)


  1. Not quite kicking the bucket

When you recycle your empty shampoo and shower gel bottles you’re giving them the chance to live again…and again. Perhaps as more plastic bottles, or even as a bucket!


VINTAGE HALLOWEEN- The Stuff Of Nightmares

Cute kids are out trick or treating tonight. Slutty cat mums, Leatherface Dads and cheap Poundland Halloween decorations litter the streets. Welcome to All Hallows Eve 2016. But rewind the clock and check out these fucking terrifying costumes from days of past. It’s not going to be pretty.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Ahhh, us Brits love a good craze. Pogs, finger skateboards, murderous clowns.

Last weekend saw police all across the UK responding to dozens of phone calls regarding creepy-as-fuck looking clowns stood on grass verges scaring folk. Funny or dangerous? That’s your opinion. Some of the clowns have been reported to have been holding knives, baseball bats and … balloons.

Clown pictured in Gooding Avenue, Braunstone, Leicester. Image source:

Clown pictured Braunstone, Leicester. Image source:

The creepy clown trend started in the USA a short while ago and has travelled over the pond to the UK where spotty teenagers broken away from their Xbox  and dress up into their finest and stand on street corners for men dog walkers.

My town’s Facebook page was alive with witnesses finding clowns down our streets and outside our pubs. I had my sister over from Scotland, and she too saw on her Facebook that her town back home had some twisty visitors too. The hype was in the air, and ‘killer clowns’ (as a local scaremonger named them) were wild and free. 2 were spotted in a very close vicinity to my house. And when my fella popped out in to the garden, and I had drunkenly forgotten his whereabouts, his ugly mug was pressed up against the window. Fully masked obvs. Oooooh funny. Now he was in on it.

A clown peers through a window in Bracknell. Source: INS

A clown peers through a window in Bracknell. Source: INS

In Norwich a woman was walking alone in Eaton Park at about 20:30pm on Sunday when a man dressed as a clown leapt out at her, screamed in her face and ran after her.

A cyclist in Eastbourne, Sussex, was left feeling a tad shaken up after someone dressed as a clown jumped out from a bush brandishing what he believed was an offensive weapon. His juggling stick? IYKWIM.

Kidlington, Oxfordshire, a man dressed as a clown and carrying a baseball bat was reported to have chased a 10-year-old child through a park. Now, that’s not funny at all.

Famous clown Pennywise, from the 1990 film IT.

Famous clown Pennywise, from the 1990 film IT.

A remake of the classic Stephen King film IT is being released in cinemas next year (yup, we have ages to wait. no fair.) and so it does feel a little coincidental that the whole Clown-Craze has caught on just as the movie is hot topic in the media. New Line Cinema who are making the new IT film have denied any involvement with the craze as any kind of publicity for the new movie. Bet they wish they thought of it first though now, don’t they?

While all of this may seem like a bit of fun, remember guys it’s not that nice to go out and scare people. So do think about the effects you may have on some folk’s lives. If you’re going to dress up as Pennywise, make sure it’s just to scare the shit out of your BFF… not Margaret from number 38.  Not cool bro.


Ms. Curios personal fictional clown, Twisty From American Horror Story; Freakshow

Ms. Curios personal fictional clown, Twisty From American Horror Story; Freakshow



2 weeks ago American Horror Story premiered season 6, My Roanke Nightmare, and with season 6 now 2 episodes in deep, we really are now all very excited to see what shockers they have in store for us this year.  Show creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck are no strangers to creating a bit of fuss and have been at the receiving end of some pretty nasty complaints over the years for their passion for sex and violence, both going hand in hand throughout all of the previous 5 seasons of the show.

If you have never seen the show before, check it out on Netflix. An addictive, fast paced and honestly terrifying show that guarantees to have you on the edge of your seat, whispering “wtf” to yourself throughout. For a handy lowdown on all of the show so far visit Flavormag, Dissecting the Horror for all the info you need.

My Voucher Codes have created a pretty awesome infographic giving us a nice clear dissection of all 5 seasons so far and unravels the awesome web of events spun by creator Ryan Murphy.

History of American Horror Story

Keep scrolling down to find out what I considered to be the 5 most ‘WTF” moments so far. Sex, violence and gore all welcomed here at The Curios, thank you!




Drill Bit Dildo

Season 5, Hotel kicked off in classic AHS fashion. Pain and sex intertwined to introduce the Addiction Demon who rapes visitors of the hotel with what can only be described as a strap on dildo shaped like a drill.

Dr Thredson Breastfeeding

Being very Pro-BF’ing here at The Curios HQ there is nothing wrong with feeding your baby exactly what is best. But when AHS showed psycho Dr Oliver Thredson nursing from the breasts of his victims and paying prostitutes for the stuff straight from that tap, that is where we start having issues. Very uncomfortable issues. Mummy issues to be exact.


Cordelia’s Eye

Season 3, Coven follows a school of troubled witches. When Cordelia Foxx discovers that she can see the truth of a person when she is blind, she decides to take her own eye sight to gain this power.  Apparently, according to the writers, the only way to do this is to  stab ones eyeballs with a small Stanley blade. Nope. Just nope.

cordelia foxx eyes

Violet Finding Her Own Dead Body

Murder House is the setting for season 1. Tate and Violet have the most painful yet desiring love affair. It makes me want to be a teenager again… falling in love with a dead psychopath. As you do. When Violet realises that the last few weeks of her life has all been a big lie, Tate leads his girlfriend to the cellar so she can witness her own decaying corpse rotting underneath the house her family share. It was all done in the name of love, we swear!




Majorie The Puppet

When Chester Creb wanders into the Freak Show in season 4 with his ventriloquist puppet Marjorie in his arms, things get really awkward. Chester suffers PTSD from the war, kills his girlfriend and her female lover because the puppet told him to do so, and can never leave his side. The puppet is seen through his eyes as a real lady, and holds murderous and guilt ridden conversations with him. Oh and she likes to watch him have a sex.  But she never joins in… because that would be taking it too far, right?



Incest Between Kyle and His Mom

Coven was relatively mild when it came to WTF moments, it was quite a tame season (sort of). After Kyle Spencer was killed in a bus crash then bought back to life mirroring a Dr Frankenstein style revival (the sewing of dead bodies back together rather than the electrocution)Kyle is dropped back off at his moms house and starts getting jacked off by his mom. Apparently this was a regular thing for the single mom and son. His mom is a mess and there is obviously some nasty issues going on in their life, which makes you genuinely feel pain and upset for him. A horrible mess of sexual abuse, and love.


Tate’s School Shooting

American high school shootings is always horrible topic to cover, and Tate from season 1 murdering his school peers was one of the first hard hitting story lines covered. Painted as a skull, Tate sets his step father on fire before walking into his school before opening fire on the students. Horrible scenes of kids urinating themselves from fear, teachers being shot, and Tate being killed by police will always go down as one of the most horrific plots aired on American TV.


Elsa’s Snuff Movie

Elsa Mars runs the Freak show which season 4 is set. She seems perfect, unlike her freaks. But the dark truth is revealed that in her younger days as a struggling actress and model. She is taken and used to feature in a horrific snuff movie, where she is drugged,  tied down and her legs sawn off with a chainsaw.


Mutant Shelley

Asylum’s other nasty resident Doc, is Dr Arden. An escaped Nazi scientist who only loves innocent women. He feeds mystery creatures in the woods and is never able to prove where his patients corpses vanish to. He decides to punish nymphomaniac Shelley (who he dubs a ‘Whore’) by giving her a disease that transforms her into a horrific mutant.


Rubber Man

When Vivian and Dr Ben Harmon move into Murder House in season 1, they discover a kinky latex suit in the attic. Vivian then has sex with a man in the outfit, named Rubber Man, and falls pregnant with him. She assumes it was Ben in the outfit, but it turns out she was wrong. Rubber man not only rapes and impregnates Viv, but also commits a few murders along the way. But who was in the suit?


Mr March Having Sex With A Corpse

Yes, correct. Season 5, Hotel got so much darker. Mr March, the Hotel Cortez owner is a horrendously murderous man. He kills for fun, bricks ladies in behind walls and disposes of bodies in acid. And if acid doesn’t take his fancy, he pushes their bodies down chutes hidden throughout the hotel. One scene takes an especially dark turn when March can be seen having sex with a lady’s corpse, and with every thrust he is mutilating her at the same time. Insane and very difficult viewing.



Don’t like snakes? I’d just click that little x in the corner now if I were you. Love them or hate them, there is no denying how fascinating these creatures are. Slithering across the planet for millions of years and found all over the world (except for antartica) wherever you are reading this, the chances are there is probably one of the 3,400 species of snakes quite close to you right now. Feel uncomfortable yet?

Dam workers in Peru filmed this astonishing footage of what people are now calling the ‘biggest anaconda in the world’. The Giant Anaconda (Eunectes Murinus) in the video is supposedly 33ft long. Fuck.that.  The footage shows the limbless reptile chained to a truck and is according to witnesses 3ft wide and weighs over 400kg. The snake was discovered after an explosion on site, but no one can confirm how the creature died.

It’s pretty safe to say, its massive. Look at the size of it’s head! There isn’t much information floating around yet about the snake in the video, but having watched it a few times I feel confident enough to say that the video isn’t a fake.



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